Susan Bourrie is the author of Meander, the Princess who had Ants in her Pants and The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse. Her three children’s narrative poems, “Mortimer J. Readabook, the Medicine Man”; “Admiral Seasalt’s Waterbed”; and “When Mommy Puts Her Jeans On” were illustrated and published in Humpty Dumpty Magazine.

She is a certified teacher/librarian who taught children’s literature, reading, and writing courses at several universities in Michigan. She lives in Ann Arbor.

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When Meander, Cinderella’s second cousin thrice-removed, is chosen by Charming Prince Fred to be his lucky bride, no one at Wildwood Castle is expecting the newest princess in the realm to be dissatisfied with courtly life. But Meander is indeed an unhappy princess. Wouldn’t you be if you were stuck inside a castle most of the time?

Princess Meander was accustomed to doing many things and doing them her way. After turning the castle upside down and roaming the entire countryside, she finally finds something that makes her happy as she sits quietly for hours and hours on her royal throne. Read this delightful story to learn what it is.

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Celebrate the Christmas season with the lovable and hardworking Mistletoe Mouse. After he befriends Molly Dolly, a doll who is left behind on Christmas Eve by Santa’s elves, the two join forces. With the help of an express reindeer, they work to make terrible Christmases terrific. During the following year, Mistletoe Mouse and Molly Dolly experience one adventure and misadventure after another. They save the show when a little girl cannot sing her solo, comfort a grandmother whose grandchildren are caught in a blizzard, and teach boys and girls how to make something more valuable than expensive presents for their parents. Whether he is dangling from a tree, covered with seaweed, confronting a stranger, or scampering through a skyscraper, Mistletoe Mouse tackles every surprise and challenge with bravery and imagination.

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