Critical Reviews:

Review by: Ann K. Parsons, author of The Demmies: a novel.
The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse

“This is a delightful little holiday book for kids which might be read aloud as part of a tradition for a family. It is the story of Mistletoe Mouse and his friend Molly Dolly. Mistletoe Mouse meets her in Santa’s workshop where she is sitting alone and sad because she wasn’t chosen to go on the sleigh because she hadn’t been finished yet. Her bow is untied and her shoes are across the room.

Mistletoe helps her out and makes her Christmas brighter and happier. In return, she suggests that they make it their business to find folks whose Christmases are going to be sad or bad and help them out. The following chapters take these two friends to many places where they help assorted people to have a merrier Christmas.

Like many books for young readers, it is a moral tale, stressing kindness, compassion, responsibility, helpfulness, problem solving and love. These morals aren’t blatant, but the book resonates with their light. Anyone who reads this book will be in no doubt as to what the friends’ mission is.

Because this is a fantasy, one must suspend belief for the duration, but this might be an excellent topic of conversation between parents and kids around a dinner table. “Can reindeer fly thousands of miles in minutes?”

All in all, I found this to be a charming Christmas book, and would recommend it highly as an addition to one’s holiday library classics beside Rudolf, A Christmas Carol and A Visit From St. Nicholas.”

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