Susan Bourrie, M.A., M.A.L.M., ED.S.

Susan Bourrie grew up in LaSalle, Illinois, where she wrote and won awards for her light verse poetry. When she moved to Midland, Michigan, she started writing for children. Her three children’s narrative poems, “Mortimer J. Readabook, the Medicine Man”; “Admiral Seasalt’s Waterbed”; and “When Mommy Puts Her Jeans On,” were beautifully illustrated and published in Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine (now Humpty Dumpty Magazine).  

In 1980, Ms. Bourrie managed the children’s room of the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library in Indiana.

She attended the First Vassar Institute of Publishing and Writing: Children’s Books in the Marketplace. Her articles about Lloyd C. Douglas and William Holmes McGuffey were included in The Dictionary of Midwestern Literature in 2001. While she was completing ALA core classes in Library Studies at the University of Michigan and earning master’s degrees in both Children’s Literature and Library Media at Central Michigan University, Ms. Bourrie’s formalist poems and song lyrics placed in writing contests. She taught children’s literature and writing classes at several universities in Michigan while earning an Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy, with an emphasis in Literacy, at Michigan State University in 2003.

Ms. Bourrie has a vision impairment and advocated for people with disabilities as a member of The University of Michigan Council for Disability Concerns and the Washtenaw County Commission for Disability Issues. She was invited to speak at The University of Michigan School of Public Health and the School of Information Studies Talking Points Project. Her blog promoted the early screening of children for potentially blinding eye diseases and taught people with vision impairments how to live with their condition rather than merely cope with it.  

She has independently published five books for children that are available on Amazon and from other book sellers.  She is currently working on both creative fiction and non-fiction projects.

Contact: bourriebooks@gmail.com