Poetry and Creative Fiction


        Miracle Moment

The word “impossible” is just a tease
to those who would advance by great degrees
beyond the logic of a static state.
And “challenge” is a game they love to play
to keep away the boredom of each day
which comes to sneer at all they formulate.
A “problem” is a chance to break the rules
by working with imaginary tools
While lesser men just shake their heads and wait.
The miracles of life playfully come
to those who look beyond this world to some
much higher call that says to them, “Create.”

(Bourrie, Susan.  “Miracle Moment”  The Fulcrum.  Ann Arbor, MI: Center for Independent Living, Nov. 1991.)




Susan Bourrie is a versatile poet, singer, and songwriter. Her poetry and lyrics are often light, humorous, romantic, or inspirational and aim to delight children’s, Broadway, movie, country, folk, and rock audiences. Some of her poems and lyrics were set to music and performed in collaboration with composers in a Words & Music course at The University of Michigan School of Music.


William Bolcom, Pulitzer Prize winning composer, and Richard Tillinghast, Pulitzer Prize winning poet (Words & Music, The University of Michigan).

Mary Margaret Weeg, Ph.D. (Composition and American Literature, Illinois Valley Community College).

Wanda Thompson Lent

Wanda Thompson Lent


Three Music City Song Festival Song Lyric competition winners
Six National and International poetry competition winners.


Midland, MI Music society, “The Messiah,” Mezzo soprano.
Madison, IN Riverfront Concerts,, Mezzo Soprano
Midland, MI Public Schools, Visiting Children’s Poet